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Hall and Entertainment - Sports Hall "Spodek"


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Katowice Spodek, a symbol of the city of Katowice, in the opening year 1971 was the largest and most modern sports and entertainment facility in Poland.

After the renovation, which took place in 2009 at Spodek in Katowice is now the only hall in Poland, where through the use of special shrouds the luminaires high power (1kW and 2kW), it is possible to introduce dynamic elements to transmit light changes, giving you unlimited possibilities in creating the scenes in sport competitions, artistic performances, musical performances, giving the director a professional tool for building scenery and dramatic spectacle.
As the only hall in Europe, flying saucer has a monitoring system known so far only the military - a "PRAETORIAN" using 80 cameras and that allows the image to move in any direction and pass through walls. This type of monitoring, among the at military installations in the U.S..
About 2.5 thousand. increased number of seats for spectators. The hall can now go up to over 11 thousand. people.

Over the years, flying saucer was a place of great artistic and sporting events.
In Spodek, were world-famous music stars, including Eric Clapton, Drupi, Sting, Jean Michel Jarre, Chris Rea, Toto Cotugno, Cliff Richard, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Brian Adams, Elton John, Vanesa Mae, Deep Purple, Metallica, Status Quo, Electic Light Orchestra, Genesis, Kraftwerk , Lokomotiv GT, Mike Oldfield, Robbie Williams, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, Iron Maiden. From 28 years on stage Spodek is Rawa Blues Festival, 23 years Metalmania festival, and from 10 - Mayday - a festival of techno music.
Among the leading sports events - the World League Men's Volleyball Championships 2001, 2007, EuroBasket 2009 Women's European Volleyball Championships 2009.
Saucer along with the nearby objects: ice rink, hotel, gymnasium, and two car creates a complex.

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Korfantego street 35
40-005 Katowice
Provincie: ŚLĄSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 50.265972459183,19.024972915649
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