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Eden - Healing and Rehabilitation Centre


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- Healing water

Eden - surrounded by a charming garden healing and rehabilitation centre which is situated in the most peaceful part of the most famous Polish spa - Ciechocinek.
The mission is "Health and Relaxation". If you would like to combine during your stay the treatment therapy with relaxation you may find at our centre excellent conditions. The centre specializes in treating the following illnesses: rheumatic, after traumatic states, cardiologic, upper respiratory ways illnesses, SM and infantile diplegia, overweight and diabetic illness. It has a professional, well-qualified medical staff and a modern treatment and hotel base of a high standard. They have been organising for years rehabilitation and spa stays and they offer a hotel services as well. The prophylactic health programmes are available for the guests, which contain spa and wellness services: Anti-stress program, Biological Regeneration, Slimming program, Senior program All the centre has been adopted for the use of the disabled . We have been recognized as such and been given a “Certificate for the disabled friendly centre”.

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Słońska street 15
87-720 Ciechocinek
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 52.8806,18.8134
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