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HOPFERÓWKA Health Resort



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Počet pokojů: 17

"Hopferówka" health resort is located in the historic building from 1926 in the northern part of the city, about 30 km from Szczecinek.

The resort offers rooms equipped with own washing facilities, a cable TV network, telephone and internet access. The building has a completely new electrical system, installation of hot and cold water and sewer system. It is equipped with a gas boiler providing heating and hot water. The basement rooms include: dining room and professional, modern preparation meals, room, offering a full board. Dining room has a direct connection with the outhouse performing as so-called winter garden. “Hopferówka" has its own treatment area offering classical massages as well as magnetronics. Guests can also use a wide range of curative treatments and a sauna.

localization-imgMapa umístění:

Rzemieślnicza street 1
78-320 Połczyn-Zdrój
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 53.771724,16.089816
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