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Góra św.Anny geological reservation


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In the old pit after the exploitation of basalt and limestone in St.Anna mountain, there has been created a geological reservation "Góra św.Anny".In the premises of the park there are karst forms, like a cave, gullies and swallow holes.
Despite the small area of 2,58ha, it has very interesting and complicated geological structure. The protected subject is a zone of contacts of vulcanites with sedimentary rocks of Triassic and Cretaceous periods. It was created for reason of preservation regarding didactic and scientific aims, rare profiles and biological phenomenon. "Nefelinity"[pl.] are mostly located in the western deepest pit, and in the northern wall of the quarry. Among numerous forms of hydrotermal transformations, there is worth noticing a big glass of jasper in area of "karchowicka" form, nearby a contact with "nefelinit"[pl.]. In the reach of vulcanites, there are numerous blocks of sand and sandstones of cenomanian, limestone [marglisty(pl.)-of marlstone] of Turonian.

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Góra Świętej Anny
Provincie: OPOLSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 50.4571222,18.168206
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