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Puszcza Bieniszewska Virgin Forest


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In the Kazimierz Biskupi Municipality there is a large forest complex – the remains of the historical Kazimierz Virgin Forest.

The forest complex includes four nature reserves: Sokółki (240 ha), Bieniszew (144 ha), Mielno (94,43 ha) and Pustelnik (125 ha). It is the most precious nature complex in the Konin Poviat and a haven for wild birds and game.

Within the reserves there are tourist trails running through the forests as well as a recreational bicycle route. There are numerous information boards set along the way to tell you about various natural rarities and the habits of local animals. The Trail is diversified by numerous midforest ponds.

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Kazimierz Biskupi
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 52.4177,18.4412
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