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Quarry in Krasnobród


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The quarry in Krasnobród bares the prints of flora and fauna dating back millions of years and really worth seeing with your own eyes.

The geological highlight is the documentation site called "The Quarry" set up on an closed mining heading. The exposed wall is nearly 30 m high and 165 m long. Here you can find prints of fauna and flora dating back millions of years. This site plays both an educational and a scintific role. In 2002 a building was erected on the quarry’s top in the shape of a tower (a fortified tower) which serves as a vantage point. From the tower you can fully enjoy the panorama of Krasnobród.

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22-440 Krasnobród
Provincie: LUBELSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 50.5453,23.2134
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