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Music School Complex

Building is on the corner Staromłyńska and Łaziebna streets. The former residence of Georg Christian Velthusen. Now there is the Music School Complex.

The building was constructed in 1778-79. An unknown architect modelled the building after the Baroque Mauritius palace in the Hague. The main fasade tympanum is adorned by carved cherubs dragging a wine barrel, reference to Velthausen s wine warehouse and shop. The side elevation used to bear, above the windows, busts of ancient philosophers, a decoration much in fashion of the period. During the post-war reconstruction, the busts were replaced by sculpted heads of well-known composers. In 1894-1921, the building housed a renowned piano factory of G.Wolkerhauer.

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Staromłyńska street 13
70-561 Szczecin
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 53.427444,14.554639
Fax+48 914880324
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