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Old Town in Chełm

The upper part of Lubalska Street has an interesting building development from XIX century and then it links with the old town's square. Worth seeing.

The market square was lately renovated and all archeogical research made during the renovation helped to unveil the remains of the old town hall from XV century. It was destroyed by many blazes and finally demolished in 1848. Then a chain of Jewish shops, commonly called "Okrąglak", was build there. Apart from the remains of the tawn hall a war memorial (Pomnik Poległych za Ojczyznę) is worth seeing, found in the interwar period, is worth seeing. A wodden newsagent's stand from the beginning of the XX century, a property of Jewish buyer (Mejer Dobkowski) is also interesting

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Provincie: LUBELSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 51.1431,23.4712
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