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The Chelm Chalk Tunnels

This is a historic chalk mine where the multilevel complex of passages forms a unique reminder of the chalk mining industry on a European scale.

The Chelm Chalk Tunnels are a unique labyrinth, on a global scale, of underground corridors carved in chalk which, on five levels, stretch for tens of kilometres beneath the Old Town of Chelm. The chalk, as a vital commodity, has been extracted here since the beginning of the 13th century, initially from the vicinity of the castle hill.

The tunnels were created over several hundred years. After some selected sections had been adapted in the 1970’s for tourist purposes, they were opened to visitors. The present-day tourist route was only given its final form in 1985. It runs through three underground complexes of tunnels – in the area of the Church of Holy Apostles the Messengers, under the Old City Market Square and Przechodnia Street.

During a visit of the nearly two-kilometre trail, which tourists cover in about 50 minutes, can be found numerous geological, archaeological and historical exhibits. One of the main attractions is the shaft of the Old Town well, used between the 15th and 18th centuries, which were rebuilt recently in Old City Market Square. In one of the chambers the legendary defender of the chalk labyrinth, the „White Ghost”, sometimes appears.

The Chelm Chalk Tunnels – Chelm (woj. Lubelskie) www.urzad.chelm.pl

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22-100 Chełm
Provincie: LUBELSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 51.1328702,23.471583
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