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The City Hall in Sulechow

The City Hall in Sulechów is located in the centre of the old town. Its present neo-gothic style and shape it owes to many changes over the centuries.

The main foundations of the walls and the ceiling in the basement did remain from the period of its inception. After the great fire in 1633, the town hall was rebuilt. In the second half of the nineteenth century, a third floor was added. The shape of the object has survived to the present day. In the walls of the town hall there is a plaque commemorating the visit and concert of Frederic Chopin (eighteen years old at that time) on 28th of September 1828. He then played in Sulechów the fantasies on Polish folk songs themes. At the town hall it is worth visiting the so-called “councilors and scholars dungeons” where it is possible to have a drink e.g. a beer.

localization-imgMapa umístění:

Ratuszowy place 6
66-100 Sulechów
Provincie: LUBUSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 52.0852,15.6258
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