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The family house of Piasecki family from the eighteenth century.

The residential house built in the late eighteenth century.

The building is built on the plan of strongly elongated rectangle, on the stone foundation strengthened with clay. It is a wooden house. The walls have a carcass construction, quailed in the shape of a “fish tail”, the cracks are sealed with moss; the elevation is coated with clay and whitewashed. The corners are timbered with boards in a vertical and diagonal system. After the death of the last owner, Cecilia Piasecka, the Knyszyn municipality became in 2006 the owner of the house. The Piasecki family was characterized by a great patriotism. As early as in the sixteenth century its members served in the administration on the court of the King Zygmunt AuguSt. Over the years, Józef Piasecki and later his daughter, Cecilia, (the last owner of the property), gathered in the house many documents related to Knyszyn and the items belonging to the first residents of the house. The furniture and equipment for several years is placed in the same places as before. On the carved chair by the window there is a legionnaire hat lying there for years, which belonged toWładysław Bartkiewicz, who took part in the Battle of Warsaw, on 12-15 August 1920.

localization-imgMapa umístění:

19-120 Knyszyn
Provincie: PODLASKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 53.3127,22.9197
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