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Fishing Association PZW Baborów


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Everyone who likes this kind of recreation is invited to join the Fishing Association PZW Baborów. Vast fishing areas, attractive views are places for relaxation. For the youngest these are places for fun and learning about surrounding environment.

In Poland an obligate condition, that allows to fish, is having a fishing licence which is delivered, appropriate for the place of living, by a foreman. The foreman has to see the certificate of passed exam which a candidate takes by the examination's commission of PZW(appropriate for the place of living). The exam is about the knowledge of acts' regulations of inland fishing. Information about the time and place of exam is given in every office of Government of PZW Districts. The Fishing Association in Baborów offers: - a membership in fishing club - occasional events - fishing competitions - restocking - education about protection of fish and hauls - fishing equipment - trainings

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Wiejska street 8/6
48-120 Baborów
Provincie: OPOLSKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 50.1562,17.9899
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