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Kujawy Golf Club


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The newly established 9-hole course is located near Wloclawek amidst fields of waving corn, undisturbed landscape of the Polish countryside, in close proximity to the forest.


The difficulty of the field is suitable for beginners and at the same time (in appropriate configurations of tee) can be a demanding practice course for experienced golfers. However, the biggest attraction of the golf park are wild boars and deer visiting water obstacles in the evenings.
Private nature of the club provides unlimited access to the field for the members of the association.

In addition, Kujawa Golf Club offers:

Participation in the programme www.playgolf.pl
Free access to the driving range
The freedom and comfort of the field and the club privacy for friends

Fields and apartment rentals

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    87-880 Wieniec-Zalesie
    Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 52.6562353,18.9447884
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