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Snowdoo – since 2006 we have been organizing snowmobile tours in Zakopane and integration events for groups. Every year hundreds of individual people and several dozens of companies and corporations have the use of our services. In winter season every day we organize snowmobile excursions in form of snow safari. Winter gives great possibilities of fun, adventure and guarantees a lot of impressions for everyone. We are ready to arrange closed-circle tours and huge winter events in mountains. We are inviting to partnership and to enjoying our services.

Our offer includes winter attractions: snowmobiles, integration parties, events, attractions for groups and kids in Zakopane, recreation and entertainment in Zakopane. Every year we attend several dozen of events for companies from every branch. In winter we invite groups of kids and youth for who we have prepared activities programs and attractions on snow. Snowmobiles are unusual offer and tourist attraction in Zakopane for organized groups and individual tourists. Since this year we invite also for snowshoes trips.

Snow Fun Safari
Snow Fun is a 3 hour snowmobile adventure combined with a warm refreshments by the bonfire. The route of the tour is a beautiful mountain area, we will get to places not accessible in the winter for the man. We will still be admiring beautiful views of the Tatras and Podhale. Under the supervision of guides we will go away a few kilometres from Zakopane, then we will stop for a rest, light a bonfire, drink hot tea and treat a warm meal. After the break, we will go way back to Gubalówka . During this tour you will feel the true adventure of winter that snowmobiles are.

Snow Explore Safari
Snow Explore is 4 hour snowmobile tour combined with trip on snowshoes and hot meal by the bonfire. The route of the tour leads through charming, mountainous areas which are not accessible for human in winter. Admiring all the time the amazing views of Tatra Mountains and Podhale region, under the care of experienced guides, we will go away several dozens of kilometres from Zakopane, then we will stop and together we will hike in the covered by the snow forest in search of tracks of wildlife, using the snowshoes. Walking on the deep snow we will reach the most unsurveyed nooks, where we can take real pleasure in beauties of winter, silence and freshness. After return from hike we will light the bonfire, drink hot tea and treat a warm meal. After that we will go way back to Gubalowka. During this special tour you can feel a taste of two most interesting winter attractions - an adventure on snowmobiles and hiking on the deep snow with snowshoes.

Snow Adventure Safari
Snow Adventure is a 6 hour tour snowmobiling on the mountain slopes with a guide. Start with the base on Gubałówka - participants will receive snowmobiles which with an instructor will depart on the route of the tour run along the mountain areas available only for snowmobiles. During the tour we will cover several dozens of kilometers in the snow on the slopes prepared for snowmobile and unmarked routes . 6 hour tour for people who want to run their fill as well as for beginners, who will be sitting on a snowmobile for the first time. It is a very long tour with two stops for a hot meal in a hut or by a bonfire provided during it.

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Zubka - Gubałówka 40
34-500 Zakopane
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 49.1757051,19.56584232
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