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The bicycle routes of Knyszyńska Primeval Forest


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Apart from many attractions in Knyszyńska Primeval Forest, marked tourist trails, pedestrian and bicycle paths, beautiful landscapes, and hospitable people guarantee the successful stay in Czarna Białostocka commune.

Those who prefer active rest can choose bicycle paths: marked blue trail (50 km long) from Białystok to Czarna Białostocka, marked red trail (37 km long) from Czarna Białostocka to Janów. The first one is a landscape trail running across the Landscape Park of Knyszyńska Forest . On the 39th kilometer the trail meets the narrow gauge railway track. Narrow gauge railway in Knyszyńska Forest dates back to the period of World War I when it was used for wood transportation.   The second path – from Czarna Białostocka to Janów – runs at the edge of Knyszyńska Primeval Forest and coincides with a considerable section of Podlaskie Handicraft Trail . The trail permits to  know unique and rare professions of Podlaskie region and visit the workshops of the blacksmith, the potters, the weavers and folk sculptors. Thank to the tradition handed down from generation to generation we now have the opportunity to see the way of making clay pots, wooden spoons and other products, made of metal or straw. Following educational path in Czarna Białostocka it is worth to pay attention at a modern husk yard of conifer semens. On the way you will also see roadside shrines and crosses, which are an inherent  element of Podlaskie landscape.

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Czarna Białostocka
16-020 Czarna Białostocka
Provincie: PODLASKIE
Zeměpisné šířky a délky: 53.3022,23.2878
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